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The Most Popular Women’s Designer Shoes

Women’s designer shoes are indicating a strong fashion statement for women. It shows the high quality and luxury of women’s fashion accessories.

Here I would like to recommend the most popular of women’s designer shoes.

Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli is one of the most famous designer shoes manufacturers in the world. he has been designing high quality and luxury shoes since 1936. The shoes are made from the finest leather in the world. Bruno Magli is from Bologna, Italy.

The shoes have fantastic designs and many women love to wear them, especially celebrities, movie stars, American top models, etc. They can’t live without this kind of shoes for their performances and their life styles.

The shoe have an incredible beauty and make many women love it. The designs are always one of the top women designer shoes. That’s why they will always bring the best style and fashion.

Stuart Weitzman

The beauty, mystique and master craftsmanship of shoes are well known as Weitzman’s creations. He always creates the new styles and models of the shoes. Hollywood celebrities are always wearing the shoes to perform in the special occasions.

The company located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He started the business with his father in early 1960’s when he was 20 years old.

When his father died, he continued designing the shoes until he had his own business. His designs are always popular in the world.

You will see most women wearing these shoes to get better appearances, styles and fashions in this new era.

Donald J. Pliner

The company is very popular in men and women designer shoes, handbags and belts. His products are very prestigious and luxury to meet the new trend of men and women accessories. The store located in Miami, Coral Gable, Las Vegas, Houston and San Jose and other major places in United States of America.

Right now, you can buy those shoes online. You can type “Donald J. Pliner Designer Shoes” on Google search. I am sure you will find many websites offering the shoes from different range of prices.

Some websites will give you the detail information about the products such as sizes, colors and designs. Make sure you get the right size and design to fit your feet and to get better look on you.

The women’s designer shoes are always very expensive, so you can also consider some other brands with affordable prices. There are a lot of good shoes out there you can choose from, you can do some comparisons to get better deal on choosing the right shoes for you.

There are some factors that you need to consider before choosing the shoes that look like the designer shoes but cheaper price.

The leather

Look at the shoes if they are using the real leather or synthetic leather. Leather shoes can indicate how long the shoes can be worn. The real leather shoes can last long, but also if you can store them in the proper place, so it will not be moistened by molds.

Classic design

Classic design always gives you better look and normally you will find cheaper price too. Make sure buy the classic designer shoes that really match your style.

The model and design

The model and design of the shoes must fit with the structure and form of your feet. Choose the design that look better on your feet. It doesn’t matter how much the shoes are, if they are not fit with your feet, it won’t look great with you.

The material

Some designer shoes have specific designs such as glass heels that may not good to walk with these shoes in daily activities. Before buying the shoes, consider the material and the design that will fit your feet and meet your life style and your work.

The color

Choose the color that meets your style and fashion. Make sure your designer shoes are matching with the outfits you are wearing. If you want to use them for many occasions, you can choose black or brown which are people’s favorites.

Formal or informal

From classic to kitten heels is the style of formal women’s shoes. A pair of designer shoes with the high heels combined with formal evening gown will give you stunning look. You can wear designer boots with jeans and other informal outfits to meet your fashion and style. Choose a pair of designer shoes that fit perfectly to maximize your comfort and looks.

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Choosing Appropriate Shoes For Your Toddler

Choosing the right toddler shoes may seem like an easy decision for many parents. They simply pick out the most affordable pair of shoes at their local superstore. However, before you pick up that pair of cheaply constructed slip ons, there are few things you need to know about buying shoes. Here are the top four things to look for when you are shopping for toddler shoes.

1. Quality Of Construction
It makes a lot of sense to buy inexpensive shoes for your toddler. After all, toddlers and older children definitely outgrow shoes faster than adults do. You may wince at spending $20 or more on a pair of shoes that your child will only wear for the next six months. However, cheaply made shoes will wear out much faster than shoes that have quality construction. Even if you save a few bucks on the shoes to begin with, you’ll have to replace them faster than better made shoes. Quality shoes can even be passed down from child to child. The easiest way to tell if the shoes are made well is to check the stitching. If the stitches are glued instead of sewn, they’ll be more likely to fall apart.

2. The Right Fit
Finding shoes with the right fit will make a difference in how long your child can wear the shoes. This is especially important if you are buying your child’s shoes online. You can have your child’s feet measured at a shoe store without actually buying shoes there, or you can use one of several sizing charts found online. Once you figure out your child’s exact size, you should buy a half size larger so they can grow into the shoes.

3. Flexible Soles
The trend several years ago was to buy toddler shoes with very thick soles. The theory was that the thick, hard soles will help support the child’s feet so that they can learn to walk. However, recently a new style of shoes for toddlers has become very popular in the market. Flexible soles allow your child to feel the ground beneath them which helps contribute to their balance. Since they can balance more easily, they learn to walk faster.

4. Plain Designs
You can find a lot of toddler shoes out there that feature cartoon and movie characters. However cute these characters might be, you’re going to have a hard time coordinating these shoes with your child’s clothes. When you look for shoes for your child, especially when you are getting quality shoes, you should find shoes that will work for a variety of outfits. This way you’ll get more use out of one pair of shoes. When you find a plain design, your child will be less likely to refuse to wear their shoes because they are suddenly over their favorite character.

When you keep these four characteristics in mind while shopping for your toddler’s shoes, you’ll be sure to find a pair that will last and that your child will feel comfortable in.

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Prevent Foot Pain With the Best Shoes For Ultimate Comfort

Whether you’re pounding the pavement, tripping the light fantastic, running like the wind or simply strutting your stuff, you definitely need shoes. But not just any shoes, shoes that let you do your thing in comfort and style. Because who wants to wear shoes that make their feet hurt? Read below to learn about shoes that offer ultimate comfort, and just what makes these brands so special:

Clarks Shoes

Clarks shoes began with a flash of inspiration. It was 1825 in the Somerset village of Street, and James Clark was busy working at the tannery owned by his brother, Cyrus. Among the sheepskin rugs, the off-cuts and cast-offs were piling up, when suddenly James had a brainwave: “Slippers!” And the rest, as they say, is history. A few stitches and a few years later, the sheepskin slipper was born.

It was the very first of many Clarks shoes, and the opening chapter in a remarkable story that continues to unfold to this day. In the decades that have passed since the young Mr. Clark’s eureka moment Clarks shoes have seen social, political and economic revolution. They’ve seen fashions in footwear come and go, and come again – everything from court shoes and winklepickers to wedge heels, sandals and sneakers. They’ve tapped to the beat of crooners, rockers, Britpoppers and hip hoppers. They’ve walked, marched, strode and sashayed through an ever-changing world, and they’ve done it all in fashionable comfort.

Dansko Shoes

Dansko shoes have a tradition of engineering shoes that are constructed of the finest materials available, making them exceptionally friendly to feet. Dansko offers the best quality leather shoes for women and men and are famous for their comfort, quality, and style. Dansko shoes have roomy toe boxes that follow the natural shape of your foot, and allow the toes to move comfortably as you walk. Danskos feature rocker bottoms that propel you forward as you walk. The slightly raised heels ease leg and back muscles during long hours of standing or walking. Next time you need some TLC for your feet just slip on a pair of Dansko shoes and experience a level of comfort you’ve rarely enjoyed and will never forget.

MBT Shoes

MBT shoes are among the most comfortable and technologically advanced shoes in the world. MBT stands for Massai Barefoot Technology, and the shoes are designed to simulate walking in the sand. It’s a multi layered, curved sole that accomplishes this by creating a natural but uneven walking surface. MBT shoes have been called the “world’s smallest gym,” since they increase muscle activity. Strengthening and toning of the leg, buttock, stomach and back muscles takes place during everyday activities while wearing MBT shoes. MBT shoes provide increased muscle activity, increased circulation, and encourage upright posture and relaxed stride.

Naot Shoes

Naot is a leading manufacturer of anatomical footwear. Naot shoes are scientifically designed to distribute body weight for the ultimate in walking pleasure. The high-tech, multi layered insoles provide superb balance and support by allowing Naot shoes to take on the shape of the foot. The cushioned arch supports and latex padding for shock absorption supply the softest sensations ever experienced in active footwear. Everything from boots to sandals, classic business shoes to the latest trend setting styles, all showcase Naot shoes’ strong design sense and attention to the details that matter. Naot shoes are committed to absolute comfort for the people that wear them.

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Celebrities and Their Influence on Fashion and Shoe Trends

In our society celebrities are enormously glorified as fashion divas and style icons by fashion magazines and tabloids. Fashion journalists and photographers go overboard in covering fashion trends that celebs are either following or setting, and not just on the red carpet but even when they’re grocery shopping. In a way they project to people what trends they should be following while dressing up for an occasion and also in a subtle manner dictate to them how they can get a chic look when going out in the town. Youngsters and teenagers in particular come under the strong influence of the media projection of their favourite celebrity and start emulating them. This is how trends become fashions.

Celebrity shoe fashion

While accessories have always been there to add more zing to you semblance, these play a more significant role in the current fashion trends. Earlier accessories were merely used to dress up an outfit but nowadays it seems people choose their accessories first and then find a dress to match them. All credit for the change in perception can be awarded to the media that spends reams of paper in discussing the shoes, bags and jewelery worn by the celebs. Fashionable celebrities in their bid to become the talk of the press do not mind choosing the most jarring shoes as they are well aware their shoes will be noticed. In a way, celebrities make use of outrageous high heel shoes to help them to be noticed and remain in the buzz.

Shoe crazy celebs

Excessive media hype over bold, outrageous and seductive shoes has created a cult of celebrities known for their fetishes for high heels and extraordinary shoes. Some of the most shoe-worthy celebs reputed for their extreme craze for high heel shoes are –

-Victoria Beckham – Posh Spice, as she is better known, feels she is addicted to high heel shoes. “I just can’t concentrate in flats” the Spice Girl said in an interview recently. Victoria is always in the news for her bold and innovative skyscraper heels designed by high profile shoe designers of the likes of Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, and Jimmy Choo.

-Beyoncé – “I love those super-high shoes that are out at the moment. I’m addicted,” the sensational singer and actress once exclaimed. Her high heel stiletto shoes and platform high heel shoes have created quite a stir in the shoe fashion world.

-Sarah Jessica Parker – Her shoe loving character Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series Sex and the City made Manolo Blahnik a household name. A fashionista with considerable influence in the fashion world, SJP herself is an active ambassador of designer high heel shoes. “My name is Sarah Jessica, and I own well over 100 pairs of Manolo Blahniks,” she once claimed.

-Rihanna – The singer is known for wearing some very brave shoes. They are often the most expressive part of her ensemble that consists of designer outfits and expensive jewellery. The fashion icon is often seen wearing some of the kinkiest high heel shoes reaching up to her knees and thighs at times.

-Lady Gaga – This multi-talented burlesque singer makes sure her social antics are discussed in press by wearing risqué shoes. Her seductive thigh high shoes accompanied by a pant-less attire, seductive high heel stilettos, PVC knee-length boots etc ensure that the Lady creates quite a sensation wherever she goes.

-Paris Hilton – Socialite and fashion icon Paris Hilton is known to possess thousands of pairs of designer shoes. Her favourite shoe style is pointed stilettos, high heel pumps, knee high shoes, open-toe pumps and high heel platforms. Wildly passionate about shoes, Paris also runs a successful footwear line in her own name.

Should we follow celebrity shoe fashion?

The fickle world of fashion is all about following trends. Teens and 20-somethings are especially seen desperate to follow trends started by their favourite celebrity. In most cases however, non-celebs can’t afford the designer shoes that celebrities so often flaunt, so they have to opt for cheaper imitations of the shoes that adorn the A-list celebrities of the likes of Madonna and Victoria Beckham.

According to style experts, it makes people feel proud that they are in the shoes (in terms of design of course) of their fashion idols. The strong desire to mirror celebrities at times makes youngsters copy even the most bizarre shoe styles sported by the them. Stylists warn people against following celebrity shoe designs blindly because rather than looking fashionable, young girls often end-up being ridiculed by their peers. Before selecting shoes always make sure they are practical, gels with you mood and attitude and you should be able to carry them effortlessly. If you wear excessively high heels so that you can not even walk a few steps un-aided you definitely need to reconsider your choice. Also you should not go about harming your feet just because your fave celebs always wear vertiginous high heel shoes. According to podiatrists, very high heel shoes should be reserved for special occasions and should not be worn for hours at a stretch.

How to follow celebrity fashion at less?

Well, like Carrie Bradshaw of the SATC you should not always max out your credit card to buy designer shoes. Many Online Shoes Sites offer you the option to buy sexy shoes similar to ones that adorn the feet of celebs at a highly affordable price. There classy and glamorous shoes are highly popular as they inexpensive and superlative in quality. Shop from there extensive collection of high heel shoes and they will deliver it right at your doorsteps in a safe and discreet packaging.

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Great Tips to Keep Toddler Shoes Looking Clean and New

I love to shop for toddler shoes. I have to admit shoes have been a weakness of mine since I was young. I used to spend all of my allowance on shoes. Every dime of my money went on shoes. I had to have every color you can imagine, and not to mention LOTS of them. Shoes can make or break an outfit in my opinion. Yes this even applies to toddlers. Their outfit can look so cute with those perfect shoes. I am so picky when it comes to my son’s clothes and shoes. So you can understand why I feel the same pertaining to his shoes.

Boys are a little different than girls when it comes to toddler shoes. Girls may tend to have more shoes than some boys. (Except for my son, it can get rather ridiculous.) Never the less, it is possible to make their shoes last and look neat at all times. Yes, believe me because it is true. I am living proof that my methods work. My son is now 3 years old. I have resold EVERY SINGLE PAIR of his shoes since he has been born. That is a correct and true statement, EVEN his play shoes. I have been able to basically re-sell the old and buy new with the money I made from the sale. Not only that, my son looks great TOO!!

I bet you are wondering how this is accomplished. Well it is actually very simple. The first step is that it should be important to you. You may not care about re-selling their old shoes to save money. I am a very practical stay at home mom and I live for saving a dollar. I like to save money any way possible, especially with my sons clothing and his shoes. It is easy and fun to do at the same time. Go ahead and try it Moms and Dads!! What do you have to lose? You only have to gain…. Saving money.

Money Saving Tips for Toddler Shoes

  • Have Good Shoes and Play Shoes – That is correct. Never only have one pair of shoes for your child. Having only one pair makes it easy to wear them out faster because they will have nothing to alternate with. Keep the nice expensive shoes for good shoes and buy less expensive ones for play. Yes this is possible. Remember that you will keep the play shoes just as nice as the good shoes. Sometimes you may not be able to tell the difference between my son’s play shoes and good shoes.
  • Wipe their shoes off at the end of every day – I know what you’re thinking, I am a crazy woman. Well I may be, but I am a smart crazy woman in my opinion. All you have to do is wipe off their toddler shoes with a diaper wipe or a wet paper towel every night. This way you stay on top of the mud or dirt. It really does make a difference. I even have my 3 year old wiping off his shoes, it’s funny. Trust me it helps keep their shoes clean, and benefits you in the long run.
  • Wash their shoes often in the washing machine – That is correct. At least once a week, you can take the laces out and spray the shoes with Shout and throw the shoes and laces in the washing machine. This is what is really great about buying all white shoes. It’s easier to wash them because you can use bleach and they really come out clean. For colored shoes you can pick up some Color Safe Bleach and add that to the load. Bleach is great and helps the shoes to stay nice and bright.
  • Special note: Make sure you check the label on the shoes. There are certain materials or leathers that cannot be washed in the machine.
  • Air Dry their Toddler Shoes only – The dryer can mess up your shoes. So I recommend that you allow their shoes to air dry only. This is why you want to have multiple pairs of shoes. It may take a day or two to completely dry so you need an alternative pair or pairs for them to wear while you have a pair drying.

Now is that really so bad? Of course not, it does take a little effort but it is well worth it. By using these methods I have been able to re-sell my son’s shoes on E-bay or even have taken them to consignment shops. Either way I have made money back on shoes that he wore and turned around and bought new. When he goes up a size in shoe, I sell the old, and buy new. It is that simple. So take care of their toddler shoes. I know they are kids. Trust me my son runs and plays in his shoes like all the other kids. I just take the time to keep them neat and clean. It is very important to me. So give it a try, you’ll be happy you did.

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Ball Room Dancing Low Heel Shoes

Ball room shoes are, as the name indicates, the special shoes designed and made to wear while engaging in ball room dance. Generally there are two categories of ball room dance, as recognized by International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF): ballroom dance and Latin American dance. There are two kinds of ball room shoes, one each for each category. The main design specification of ball room shoes is the suede soles. Also in general, ball room shoes are of low heel variety, especially for shoes intended for women. For men, ball room shoes have one-inch heels. For ladies, ball room shoes have two-inch heels. The main attraction of the ball room shoes is the attractive multi-color fabric of the shoes. The colors are designed to provide a match for the multi-color dress of the ball room dancer. Low heel shoes are used for ball room dancing because the weight of the dancer is distributed across the foot. It should be kept in mind that for Latin American dance the shoes have higher heels. It is intended to distribute the weight of the dancer to the toes. Low heel shoes allow freedom of movement while dancing, which in turn provides physical convenience and mental comfort. So it is possible to dance for more time wearing low heel shoes than with conventional shoes. There is no danger of the dancer’s feet swelling or ankle twisting with low-heel ball room dance shoes.

In spite of the obvious advantages of low heel shoes, it is always better to try the shoes before buying. In cities, there are plenty of shops that offer a wide variety of ball room shoes with excellent quality. But there is good news for rural people. There are several good online shops in Internet that offer good quality shoes in bargain prices. There are several types of ball room shoes available in the market. Tan leather shoe is the basic kind of single-strap shoe. Black Nubuck shoe is a special kind that looks extremely good while dancing and it is said to provide an appearance of sophistication while dancing. Gold sparklenet shoe is a glittering variety that is going to shine in the dance floor. Light brown shoes are another highly popular variety of ball room shoes. An attractive collection of low-heel ball room shoes is known as Stephanie Latin Shoes. Another attractive, though expensive, collection is the Celebrity Spectator shoes. Also available are some vintage ball room dance shoes. Among the vintage shoes, the most popular series is Remix Vintage Shoes. In this series, 1940s Wedgies and Classic Saddle Shoes are two of the excellent varieties. These shoes are cute and unique and provide a highly comfortable feeling while dancing.

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Six Steps in Buying Racquetball Shoes on the Internet

One of the most difficult decisions to make in the game of racquetball when it comes to equipment is buying racquetball shoes. Note I say racquetball shoes because many players play in regular tennis or track shoes that are not optimized to give you the specific performance you need in a small court area that requires constant direction change, good gripping support, etc.

A player’s best option when it comes to making this decision is to order it online and take the chance of it not fitting in size and/or not being a comfortable fit. Ordering online is a great, time saving option and to make sure you order the right size… here are some suggestions.

Here are 6 steps in helping you make the right decision the first time.

1. Know what you are looking for in a shoe.

– Do your feet need special attention?
– Do you experience pain in the arch of your feet? You may need more arch support.
– Do your feet pronate (apply majority of your weight onto the inside sole of the foot)? This can be corrected and a proper fitting shoe can help.
– Do you need insoles for more support? Are you flatfooted? Do you have high arches? Is comfort your main concern or is it the weight of the shoe?
– What is your budget?
– How much would you pay for a good pair of racquetball shoes? (Note: top quality racquetball shoes frequently cost less than half of what top athletic brands cost and in most cases are about the same cost of a quality sneaker (seriously). The highest priced racquetball shoes are all well under $100 and many high quality shoes cost $60 or less.

2. What shoes are most high caliber players playing with? Ask them for their opinion on the shoes. What shoes are other players talking about? Is there a particular brand that most players talk about? Are you loyal to a brand and do they offer shoes?

Testimonies of personal experiences are as good as it gets.

3. Talk to a knowledgeable person about the indoor shoes you are wanting to purchase and if it is right for you. Someone who sells racquetball shoes on a regular basis would have good ideas as to what works for you.

4. Know your size. I can tell you from personal experience that having a shoe that is not the right size can cause long term pain. As you get older, your body changes including your feet.

We just got back from a tournament where we set up our pro shop and strung racquets and sold equipment to players. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that more than half of the players looking into shoes were off when they told me their shoe size. I measure up their foot before putting a shoe on and more than half of the players trying on shoes were off at least a half size to a whole size. One player was off by a whole size and half and now new why his big toe was hurting.

Be careful of size differences. If you are purchasing online, make sure that you read the descriptions carefully to find as close to the right shoe size as possible. Shoes sizes can be different between each shoe company and from country to country.

A couple of ways to get your foot measured could be to go to a shoe store and get your foot measured. They won’t have a problem with this as you are a potential customer for future purchases. You can also measure your feet from the comfort of your own home.

Choose a shoe that gives you a thumbnail space from the front of your shoe to your longest toe. Have someone (family, friend, significant other) check the fitting while you stand with your shoes on with all your weight on your foot. You should have a thumbnail length in space.

How do the sides feel? They are new and will break in but know when a shoe is too narrow. One good way to know… Ask yourself… Are they REALLY tight on the sides?

5. Order from a secured website if online otherwise call them.

6. Know the return policy if you are unhappy with the shoes? Don’t be stuck with shoes you are not happy with. As long as a retailer can resell them at full value (repackage them correctly and make sure you haven’t marked up or walked outside with them, etc.) you are sure not to have any problems returning the shoes. A good way to try them to be sure of happiness with the shoes is to wear them around your home for a few hours.

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10 Tips For Choosing the Shoe That’s Right For You

Whether you are a casual walker or someone who walks each day for exercise, a comfortable, quality walking shoe can help you enjoy yourself, get more out of your workout and save your feet from wear and tear. Here are ten important things to remember so you can make sure you choose the type of shoe that is best for you.

1. The first key when choosing walking shoes is to remember that it doesn’t matter how stylish the shoes look if they don’t support your foot properly. Fortunately, this is such a big industry these days that there are a number of chic styles available for athletic walkers as well as casual walkers. Visit a store or a website that specializes in walking shoes to see what I mean.

2. Give yourself enough time to shop for your walking shoes. You need to try several pairs of shoes on and walk around the store in them. Make sure not to rush this process. The time to discover that a certain style of shoe hurts your feet is when you are still in the store.

3. Have the salesperson measure your foot so you can get an accurate size, especially if it has been a while since you have gone shoe shopping. While you are walking around in the store, check to make sure that your heel stays snug inside of the shoe and that you don’t have any pain while you walk.

4. When you try on the shoe, you’ll be able to feel how the shoe will fit over time. Unlike leather shoes, walking shoes typically won’t stretch out in places where they are tight. If you have a part of the shoe rubbing up against your ankle bone or if the shoe is too tight across your toes, find a different pair to try on.

5. Look for a shoe that is flexible. When you walk, your foot will flex the sole of the shoe so you need something that will flex along with your foot. Hold the shoe in your hands with one hand on the toe and one on the heel. See if you can flex the shoe’s sole back and forth in your hands. If the shoe won’t budge, you need to keep looking.

6. Another important feature of a good walking shoe is the cushioning. During a walk, your foot will hit the ground thousands of times. It’s important to have good cushioning underneath your feet. Check the construction of the cushioning and make sure it will hold up over time.

7. If you’re going to be jogging as well as walking, look for a shoe that can be used for more than one purpose. Cross training shoes or jogging shoes will work well for walking, jogging and running. Ask the salesperson for recommendations based on the type of activity you’ll be doing.

8. Once you get the shoe home (or if you order the shoe online), walk around on carpeted areas only for a time so you can make sure the shoe is right for you before it’s too late to return them. Quality walking shoes aren’t cheap, so it’s important to make sure you have invested in the right shoe before you go traipsing up and down the block.

9. If your new walking shoes are for your walking workouts, keep them in good condition for using them in your exercise program only. Don’t wear them around the house or while running errands, and your shoes will last a lot longer.

10. Know when it’s time for a new pair. Walking experts say you should replace your shoes about every 400 to 500 miles (or about 3 to 6 months). They also recommend getting two pairs of walking shoes and alternating them during walking workouts, so that the shoe is completely dry and the cushioning of the shoe is always at its full effect when you put them on.

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Some of the Top Tips For Buying Men’s Shoes

Shoes provide comfort, style and beauty. Shoes reflect the personality of the wearer and contribute to fashion. Shoes are used not as a necessity but also as fashion and it is an important component of footwear. There are different types of the men’s shoes. The men’s shoes can be mainly classified into causal, athletic and dress shoes.

Before buying shoes, you should consider comfort, color, style and price. You need to buy shoes that suit your personality. Some of the common types of men’s shoes include the following.


Balmorals is also known as Oxford. The Vamp has v-shaped slit to which laces are attached. These have long been a staple in men’s footwear.


The laces are tied to two pieces of leather. The Bluchers have also been known as derby shoes.


Monk straps shoes use buckle and strap instead of lacing.

Men’s shoes can be decorated into the Plain-toes, Brogues and Cap-toes. The plain-toes have sleek appearance and there is no extra decoration. The toe of the Brogues shoes is covered with the perforated panel. The cap-toes have extra layer of leather and it provides the most popular decoration.

There are various types of shoes accessories like Shoehorn, Overshoes, Shoe bag, Shoelaces and Shoe polishing equipment that provide the added decoration to the shoes.

Men Shoe Buying Tips

Men’s shoes can be purchased online with comfort and ease. EBay is one of the best places to buy men’s shoes and the products there are mainly purchased through bidding. EBay offers a big selection of the men’s shoes. You can find shoes from all the big brands of the world like Puma, Nike, Timberland, Adidas, Haan, Prada, Cole and Birkenstock.

You will find a huge variety of men’s footwear like athletic, work, casual and dress. With some research you can find stylish and good priced shoes at eBay. You can also search Google to find the top shoes websites.

Like the clothing items, the look and feel is the ultimate deciding factor of shoes. Before buying the shoes, you should look at the factors like what clothing you will be wearing and how often you will wear these shoes.

Improperly fitted shoes can damage your health. Your heel should not move much. A good support lessens the chances of injury and it also prevents you from injury. Now and then you should thoroughly clean your shoes. There are many shoe polishes and waxes available in the market and you can buy any best shoe cleaner product of your choice.

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Some Common Athletic Shoes That You Should Know About

Athletic shoes are a type of shoes that are specifically designed for participating in the sporting and physical activities. They are normally different in design and build than the other types of shoes. Athletic shoes depend upon the location and actual type of footwear. The athletic shoes are also named as joggers, sand shoes, running shoes, gym shoes, climbing shoes, or rubber shoes etc.

They are normally used in different sporting activities including golf, baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, or running in marathon. A special type of the athletic shoes also developed for track running.

The athletic shoes are made of flexible material and typically feature a sole of dense rubber. The high-end athletic shoes come in different sizes and shapes to suit different types of foot. Some of the most common brands of the Athletic shoes include Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, Converse, K-Swiss, Fred Perry, Vans and Servis-Cheetah.

They are the special purpose shoes that are used by the men and women and have no much difference. Some of the most common types of the athletic shoes include the following.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are similar to sneakers and have special emphasis on cushioning.

Golf shoes

These types of shoes are specifically designed for better grip in grass and wet ground. The soft-spikes that are found on these shoes are made up of plastic like material with prongs distributed radially around the edge of each spike.

Climbing shoes

The climbing shoes are specifically designed for rock climbing. They have a smooth sticky rubber sole with extended rubber band and are also more secure on the feet.

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes have a more flexible sole than the running shoes. They are usually lighter in weight and may have air holes to allow the feet to breathe.


Skateboarding shoes have flat soles for a better grip on a skateboard. They also have an extra layer of padding to protect the skateboarder’s feet.

Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes are equipped with metal or plastic cleat to hold onto the pedals and they have stiff sole to maximize the power transfer.

Wrestling shoes

Wrestling shoes are light and flexible shoes which provide additional traction and protection.

Skating shoes

Skating shoes are also called skates. The skating shoes can be categorized into the Ice skates, Roller skates and Inline skates. There is also a popular version that actually has wheels built into the sole of the shoes.


These sneakers are general purpose shoes made up of rubber, plastic or cloth and may be used for weight training and general sports use.