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Choosing Appropriate Shoes For Your Toddler

Choosing the right toddler shoes may seem like an easy decision for many parents. They simply pick out the most affordable pair of shoes at their local superstore. However, before you pick up that pair of cheaply constructed slip ons, there are few things you need to know about buying shoes. Here are the top four things to look for when you are shopping for toddler shoes.

1. Quality Of Construction
It makes a lot of sense to buy inexpensive shoes for your toddler. After all, toddlers and older children definitely outgrow shoes faster than adults do. You may wince at spending $20 or more on a pair of shoes that your child will only wear for the next six months. However, cheaply made shoes will wear out much faster than shoes that have quality construction. Even if you save a few bucks on the shoes to begin with, you’ll have to replace them faster than better made shoes. Quality shoes can even be passed down from child to child. The easiest way to tell if the shoes are made well is to check the stitching. If the stitches are glued instead of sewn, they’ll be more likely to fall apart.

2. The Right Fit
Finding shoes with the right fit will make a difference in how long your child can wear the shoes. This is especially important if you are buying your child’s shoes online. You can have your child’s feet measured at a shoe store without actually buying shoes there, or you can use one of several sizing charts found online. Once you figure out your child’s exact size, you should buy a half size larger so they can grow into the shoes.

3. Flexible Soles
The trend several years ago was to buy toddler shoes with very thick soles. The theory was that the thick, hard soles will help support the child’s feet so that they can learn to walk. However, recently a new style of shoes for toddlers has become very popular in the market. Flexible soles allow your child to feel the ground beneath them which helps contribute to their balance. Since they can balance more easily, they learn to walk faster.

4. Plain Designs
You can find a lot of toddler shoes out there that feature cartoon and movie characters. However cute these characters might be, you’re going to have a hard time coordinating these shoes with your child’s clothes. When you look for shoes for your child, especially when you are getting quality shoes, you should find shoes that will work for a variety of outfits. This way you’ll get more use out of one pair of shoes. When you find a plain design, your child will be less likely to refuse to wear their shoes because they are suddenly over their favorite character.

When you keep these four characteristics in mind while shopping for your toddler’s shoes, you’ll be sure to find a pair that will last and that your child will feel comfortable in.